The Financial Plans & Strategies Team: Hitting a Home Run for Your Investments

The Financial Plans & Strategies Team: Hitting a Home Run for Your Investments

March 20, 2019

Spring is in the air! The end of March brings a special treat: Major League Baseball’s first pitch crosses home plate earlier than ever this year.

As we dusted off the old mitts, we started thinking of the Financial Plans & Strategies team like a baseball team, with each person playing a different role: the outfielders, the utility players, the rookie, the pitcher.....

When you root for your FinPlans team, you might have a favorite player or two, but it’s important to know the whole roster to have a true sense of how the team works together to achieve success.

Here’s our FinPlans lineup. Batter up!


Michael Meiners

You might think Mick is our team captain, but really, he is a player-manager, much like the great Lou Boudreau. He’s out there on the field with the rest of the team, but he also makes the strategic decisions that affect how our team works together. In addition to meeting with clients, he reviews all the retirement projections that are presented at client review meetings. As an attorney, Mick is also the team’s specialist on all estate planning questions.

Position: President, Certified Financial Planner™ and Attorney

Experience: 46 years on the team


Lara DeSotel

Lara is one of our veterans having started as an administrative assistant and moving up through the ranks to become our Chief Compliance Officer and Lead Manager. If you’re looking for a versatile utility player, look no further: As CCO she is a Registered Investment Advisor pinch-hitting to assist clients when the other advisors are all tied up on base, but she primarily keeps to her positions as compliance officer and lead manager of our entire team. Even though this wouldn’t fly in the actual big leagues, she also acts as umpire, making sure our team is on top of and follows all compliance standards.

Position: Chief Compliance Officer and Lead Manager

Experience: 22 years on the team


Angela Sodrel

As a veteran player on the FinPlans team, we think Angie would make a great shortstop: she is ever ready to field clients’ questions about their investments, discuss retirement planning with clients during meetings, and assist with any day-to-day servicing needs.

Position: Registered Investment Advisor

Experience: 12 years on the team and 24 years in the industry


Maggie Meiners

Maggie has sported the FinPlans jersey since she was in the little leagues. She and Evan work together much as a pitcher and catcher do, focusing on the rebalancing of your portfolios to make sure your investments stay on target. Both Maggie and Evan can catch any questions you throw their way.

Position: Registered Investment Advisor

Experience: 3 years on the team 7 years in the industry


Evan Stout

Evan is about to wrap up his second season on the FinPlans team, but he joined the team part-time for several years as an intern, bringing the players their bats and quickly learning the game. In addition to the aforementioned work he and Maggie share, they both also help to manage the FinPlans little league internship program.

Position: Registered Investment Advisor

Experience: 2 years on the team


Kristine Meiners

You might say that Kris is the primary cut-off player, serving as the relay between the outfielders who gather information and the advisors who meet directly with the clients. Kris and her teammates take each client’s details and goals and turn them into a complete and individualized financial plan. She is also our scorekeeper and takes care of many internal procedures that keep our team running.

Position: Assistant in Plan Preparation and CPA

Experience: 13 years on the team


Alicia Cummings

Alicia has been playing for the FinPlans team for several years, having trained for multiple positions. She is responsible for the well-organized south side dugout, and she provides pitching relief for estate planning questions, particularly updating beneficiary information.

Position: Administrative Assistant, Paralegal, and South side Office Manager

Experience: 8 years on the team


Amber McCoy

Amber is the utility player who will help you make contributions to your 529, personal or retirement accounts. She is valued for her keen eye: she keeps a close eye on each play, ensuring clients’ requests are processed promptly and accurately.

Position: Head Securities Processor and Administrative Assistant

Experience: 5 years on the team


Maryanne Hall

Maryanne has been working closely with Kris for several seasons, and you might say she is the center fielder, gathering client data and inputting the information before firing it over to Kris. She is also our go-to player in assisting clients with website login issues and accessing their Vault, which enables clients to get their information to our team securely.

Position: Administrative Assistant

Experience: 5 years on the team


Mikayla Kinley

Mikayla has just graduated from her rookie season on the FinPlans team – she works alongside Maryanne in the outfield, assisting with the preliminary preparation necessary for client meetings. She keeps the north side dugout tidy and stocked with everyone’s favorite bats and recently relieved Lara by taking over management of required minimum distributions.

Position: Administrative Assistant and North side Office Manager

Experience: 1 year on the team


Jennifer Scott

As our newest employee, Jennifer will be our lead-off hitter as our full-time receptionist and administrative assistant. She will field clients’ calls and relay them to the right player for the job. We expect her to grow into her position on the team, eventually becoming a utility player processing securities and assisting clients with other requests. She will be the one to greet you upon arrival to our south side office and will usually be the one you first speak with when you call the office.

Position: Receptionist and Administrative Assistant

Experience: Opening day Monday, April 1st


In addition to our core roster, at any time, we also have a batboy or batgirl who is supporting the team through our little league internship program. Although each person’s position is important, our philosophy recalls Notre Dame’s and other teams’ tradition of leaving off the individual names from the jerseys: the game is played by the team, not the individual players.

You may be wondering who you, the clients, are in this field of dreams. We like to think that each game we play – including the many home runs and strategic plays we make – is dedicated to an individual client. When we win, our clients win. So, please join us in cheering:

“Go FinPlans Team!”


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