Charitable Giving

"No one has ever become poor by giving."

— Anne Frank

Contributing to causes you care about can be immensely rewarding. Charitable giving can also reduce the giver's income and estate taxes. Factors such as timing, amount given and the source of funds all have distinct short- and long-term financial implications. Therefore, a plan is needed for charitable giving. A strategic approach to philanthropy can maximize gifts and other financial goals such as retirement.

Financial Plans & Strategies can help allot your assets in a financially sound way to the charities that mean most to you. Some of the popular ways to give include:

  • Outright gifts of stock or monies
  • Estate Planning - wills and trusts (to be distributed during lifetime or after death)
  • Retirement Plans - qualified charitable distribution
  • Life Insurance

Financial Plans & Strategies has experience in helping our clients bequeath complex assets in a tax-favorable manner, giving them the opportunity to donate more than they thought possible. When philanthropy is done well, every party benefits. Contact our firm to learn more.