Our Firm

Financial Plans & Strategies, Inc. a Registered Investment Advisor, with over 40 years of experience. Our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients and our success is defined by the long term achievement of our clients' financial goals. We provide fee-based financial planning and investment advisory services to individuals and institutions. We offer individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds held in custody with TD Ameritrade.

In order to develop a truly comprehensive financial plan, the plan must account for numerous contingencies. This process involves knowledge of other specialties such as law and insurance. While all of our advisors are able to recognize the need to involve these specialties, the ability to complete the actual work in these fields requires specific licenses and education* Some of the professionals at our firm offer these services through affiliated, but separately owned companies.

You are not, and will never, be required to engage the services of our affiliates. We just seek to ensure all the pieces of your plan come together in a cohesive manner.


Financial Planning Investments, Inc.

Financial Planning Investments, Inc. is a separate insurance brokerage that focuses on term life and long-term care insurance. In addition to these lines of insurance, we offer other products such as fee-based variable annuities, disability insurance and whole and universal life insurance.

There are fee-based life products known as "No-Load" life insurance. However, we believe the products offered in this area are limited. If we find that a client is in need of life coverage or long-term care coverage to round out his/her retirement or estate plan, we feel that commission-based term life insurance coverage is a cost-effective way to meet these needs.

* Our fee-only variable annuities require both securities and insurance licensing.