Core Values

At Financial Plans & Strategies, we are value driven. Our philosophy defines our approach to financial planning. Our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients, and our success is defined by the long-term achievement of our clients' financial goals.

  • Our process centers on developing a plan to allow our clients to meet their personal goals. To accomplish this we need to know our clients well enough to determine and quantify those goals.

  • We believe a more educated client is a better client. We educate our clients until they are comfortable with the details of their personal financial plan.

  • We provide client education through annual reviews and regular updates on general issues via webinars, podcasts and postings on our website (via our Blog and Information Center).

  • We provide valuable services at a modest cost through a combination of experienced professional advisors, a highly regarded support staff and advanced technology.

  • We utilize a dynamic asset allocation system. We believe that our dynamic approach to asset allocation helps us minimize risk and maximize return.

  • We believe that market timing is NOT an effective long-term investment strategy.

  • We believe that financial goals including building and maintaining a secure retirement, funding the education of children and grandchildren and leaving a personal or charitable estate are all interrelated and should be addressed in the context of a comprehensive financial and estate plan.

  • We believe that most Americans are making major financial decisions with inadequate guidance. While we do offer enhanced services for more complex situations, we, as a professional firm, are committed to working with anyone who is willing to put in the effort to achieve financial success.


Financial Plans & Strategies exists for the purpose of providing quality financial planning for individuals, couples and organizations. We are committed to providing excellent, individualized service to help enable our clients to meet their financial goals. We want our clients to experience the confidence that comes from knowing they have taken control of their financial future.

Toward that end, we guide our clients in:

  • Assessing their current financial position
  • Identifying and quantifying financial goals
  • Developing a plan to help reach those goals
  • Implementing the plan
  • Monitoring their progress

We are committed to employing only responsible people with integrity and providing them with the opportunity to develop their skills through challenging and satisfying work. We strive to maintain a cheerful, cooperative and positive work environment. We continually increase our professional knowledge and refine procedures to promote efficiency.

While we expect to be adequately compensated for our services, our priority is the welfare of our clients. We will not compromise the best interest of our clients for our own gain.