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Financial Plans & Strategies is an Indiana-based provider of comprehensive financial services to individuals, non-profits and businesses. We provide our clients both financial and estate-planning services.

 Beginning Investors

Beginning Investors

Investing isn't just for the wealthy. In fact, starting to invest early is the best option. For some it is already too late to start early. But don't give up. A serious commitment combined with a realistic plan can often allow late starters to catch up and reach their goals.

Beginning investors may also have to contend with education loans. The decision to invest and/or pay down education loans requires a forward-thinking plan. Financial Plans & Strategies can help you create a strategy for paying off debt while investing for your future self.

 Beginning Investors

Mid-Life Savers

As you age, so do your responsibilities: raising children, caring for elderly parents and career challenges. Financial Plans & Strategies helps you prepare for the future and allows you to focus on what's important.

 Beginning Investors

Near Retired & Retired

Before you step into retirement, you better know where that step leads. With all factors considered, do you have enough income and assets to meet your projected goals? Financial Plans & Strategies can give you the confidence to enjoy a realistic and secure retirement to make that a comfortable step.

Once you are retired, Financial Plans & Strategies will continue to monitor your progress thru retirement, navigate the pitfalls and give you perspective to make good decisions. While outliving your investments is a real risk for many people, there are also risks associated with declining health and mental abilities. A comprehensive financial and estate plan can ease the burden on your loved ones who may become involved in your care.

 Beginning Investors

Businesses & Non-Profits

In addition to working with individuals, we also work with businesses and other entities to develop and maintain compliant retirement plans. Our specialized professionals can outline the many options and help you to choose the appropriate plan for your situation.

The correct qualified retirement plan can help you retain qualified employees while also allowing you to save additional funds in a tax advantaged manner.