Reminder: College Choice 529 Contribution Deadline

Reminder: College Choice 529 Contribution Deadline

November 03, 2017

Indiana College Choice 529 Tax Credit Deadline

Indiana taxpayers who invest in the Indiana College Choice 529 Plan must make their contribution to the plan by 12/30/2017 to receive a tax credit for 2017.


Deadline Dates for Existing Accounts 

If you are adding money to an existing account, the deadline is 12/23/2017. College Choice must RECEIVE the check by 12/30/2017 in order for you to receive the tax credit. This means you must account for mail time and processing. To be safe you should mail the check by Saturday, 12/23/2017.


Deadline Date for New Accounts

For those who would like to establish a new Indiana College Choice 529 Plan for someone, the deadline is 12/18/2017. You must contact our office by December 18th.


Other Information

  • Please ask to speak with Amber or Angie. This will allow time for our office to obtain your information, prepare the forms, obtain your signature and contribution check to establish the account by the December 30th deadline.
  • The maximum tax credit is 20%. On a $5,000 investment, this would results in a $1,000 credit on your Indiana state return.


Please let us know if you have any questions.