Peace of Mind

January 24, 2022

PLEASE READ the following to obtain the benefits described herein. 

Peace of mind develops as you better understand the services that our team can provide to you.  Those tangible services may include planning for and funding a secure retirement, education planning for children and grandchildren, or leaving a legacy for your heirs and favorite charities. By trusting our team to focus on your financial worries you can have a peace of mind. This will improve your physical and mental health, reducing your stress levels, while also increasing your happiness and productivity.

Peace of mind is not burying one’s head in the sand or taking an overly optimistic view of the world.  There have always been serious economic issues that we must recognize and address.  Over the lifetime of our firm, we have faced many types of crises including energy, banks, currency, excessive valuation, fraudulent mortgage-based crises, and many more.  Each situation has presented a unique set of risks and opportunities.  In the fall of 2008, the stock market’s worst year since the depression, we consistently communicated with our clients in many ways including four live seminars. By staying the course, you did not allow paper losses to manifest into real losses and have enjoyed the ensuing robust market recovery.  

Through this market volatility, we found areas for improvement within our rebalancing approach.  Thus, our Investment Team subsequently improved our asset allocation process to more frequently review and rebalance your portfolios to assure that you maintain proper diversification. This process enables our Investment Team to better capture gains as we sell asset classes whose holdings exceed their target and buy assets in classes whose holdings are underfunded. 

One of our firm mottos is EMBRACE CHANGE. The world is changing at an ever-increasing pace, and that presents challenges and opportunities which we continue to address through enhanced technology, improved processes, and increasing the number of talented team members who support our client and staffing needs. By working as a team, we can provide consistent and quality service to you. We strengthen our advice and our knowledge base by working together and learning from one another. In addition to the above-mentioned Investment Team, we also have a Planning Team, a Processing Team, a Required Minimum Distribution/Qualified Charitable Distribution Team, a Compliance Team, and a Security Team.  Most employees participate in multiple teams.

The Compliance and Security Teams both include outside consultants who assist us in those highly specialized and rapidly changing fields. Similarly, there are other areas which Financial Plans & Strategies recognizes as important but has elected to refer our clients out to other professionals. Some of those fields include tax preparation, estate planning services, mortgage services and health insurance. 

During business hours, our phones are answered by a real person who is capable of either answering your question, working with a team member who can assist, or taking a message for a team member who can get back to you in a timely manner.

We will strive to make positive changes in our clients’ lives, Financial Plans & Strategies, and the financial planning industry. As a fiduciary, we continue to hold ourselves to a higher standard and always put our clients’ interests first.

In an upcoming blog, we hope to improve your PEACE OF MIND by discussing our motto of BUILDING TRUST THROUGH SERVICE.