Partnering with FPS to Achieve Your Goals

March 14, 2023

Partnering with FPS to Achieve Your Goals

By: Maggie Meiners-Schmeltz

This past October, we welcomed our second daughter into the world! We love our little family of four, but the shift from one child to two has been a big transition. As we juggle the girls, work, and trying to carve out time for an occasional date night, organization and goal prioritization becomes more important than ever.

The same is true for your financial goals. Whether you are saving for a new car, college for the kids or grandkids, a home remodel project, a big vacation, or a new home, Financial Plans & Strategies is here to help you achieve these goals. We partner with clients to make these goals become a reality by taking the steps below:

  • Setting realistic goals and achievable goals
    1. How much do you need to have saved?
    2. When will you need these funds?
    3. At what rate is this cost growing? (Inflation or another growth rate?)
    4. Is this goal achievable? Making sure that expectations are realistic


  • Creating an action plan
    1. How much will you need to save on a regular basis?
    2. Will you make a lump sum contribution or save regularly through an automatic investment plan?


  • Implementing your plan
    1. Setting up an automatic investment plan to help you easily achieve this goal


  1. Making a lump sum contribution

Please give our office a call today so that we can help you make these goals a reality. 317-882-7675