Making Sure You Are in Great Hands

June 08, 2022

At Financial Plans and Strategies, we take referring our clients to other service providers very seriously. We put our clients’ interests first, and we expect the same from the people to whom we refer.

We refer our clients to experts who are experienced, knowledgeable, efficient, and able to provide good net-after-cost value. We ask that these providers treat our clients with the same professionalism, respect, and care that our firm strives to provide. Because we often refer hundreds of families to these providers at no cost to them and no financial compensation to us, we expect to have their attention. We do believe they will treat all their clients well, and that is why we continue to refer to them.

When you elect to take advantage of our annual review meetings, we can closely monitor your needs and make recommendations when we think you may require additional services from those providers.

We use client feedback to verify that you received top-quality care from these other service providers. You can give us this feedback at any time, but we ask that you complete the survey after your annual meeting so we can better serve you.

Please reach out to verify that any referral we previously provided you is still current. These relationships do change, but not frequently. If the referral we have given you is over a year old, we would like to confirm that you still have our best recommendation.

We are truly grateful for the referrals that you, our clients give us. We know that when you refer your friends and family to us, you are trusting that we will continue to provide the same excellent care and service at the same low rate that you have grown accustomed to. Our promise to you is that we will continue to meet and exceed your expectations. Mick created this firm 45+ years ago, and each of us work to uphold the standards that he has set. We will allow these principals to guide us as our growth continues and we expand in this ever-changing environment.