Home Bias & Global Diversification

| December 19, 2017
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During 2017, Financial Plans and Strategies investment advisors attended several conferences where they had the opportunity to listen to renowned economists, portfolio managers and analysts provide insight and perspective on market trends. One key issue that was discussed during these conferences was the importance of utilizing a globally diversified portfolio.

Recently, your Financial Plans and Strategies investment committee met to conduct the annual review of our existing portfolios and discuss how to incorporate these expert insights, perspectives and analyses of market trends to revise and enhance your portfolios for 2018. We still emphasize that we cannot time the market and we cannot predict the market future, but we strongly agree with these analysts; therefore, one key change that we have decided to implement in our 2018 portfolios is to make them more globally diverse.

If you would like to read more about this strategy, we feel this article highlights the key reasons why it is important to utilize a globally diversified portfolio.

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