A Warm Welcome from Financial Plans & Strategies

June 02, 2017

Welcome clients, prospective clients and readers to Financial Plans & Strategies’ blog whose commencement coincides with a major update to our website.

Under the new format we will be regularly adding new material to the blog in lieu of updating the website.  It will include a search function to allow easier access to items in the blog and website including past webinars and podcasts. 

In the 1990’s and early 2000’s, I enjoyed writing a column for the Indianapolis Business Journal once every six weeks.  I personally look forward to writing again and also look forward to contributions from our staff, associates and outside sources.  We expect to include articles from professional journals, various award-winning websites, and more.  We will cite the sources and add a few short comments on the articles.

The new website also includes a Security Corner where we will provide tips on general security and cybersecurity.  Our firm is concerned about security and uses various methods, consultants and programs to enhance our security.  We want to provide you the tools and resources to keep yourself safe as well. 

The blog and updated website are part of our plan to provide an enhanced client experience through an integration of current technology with our firms’ forty-plus years of experience.

We thank you for your time and trust and reconfirm our commitment to adjust to our ever-changing world to serve you better.



Michael J. Meiners, President of Financial Plans & Strategies, Inc.