Retirement Planning

"The stock market is designed to transfer money from the active to the patient." - Warren Buffett


They say retirement is a marathon, not a sprint. At Financial Plans & Strategies, we believe in investing for the long term when it comes to your retirement. Over the last 40 years, our clients have recognized the value of a long-term investing approach and staying the course in good times and bad. We have carefully invested our clients in fund companies that share our investment values to ensure a successful and happy retirement. When preparing our clients for retirement, we take into account the follow key factors:



At Financial Plans & Strategies, we are here to help you achieve financial freedom for your retirement. We take a comprehensive approach to planning and work with you to prepare a retirement projection which will analyze your current situation, future goals and help you determine whether you are on track to meet those goals.  Contact us today if: 

  • You want to accumulate or grow your assets to provide for a financially independent retirement.
  • You want to know which of the qualified retirement accounts that are available to you best fits your needs.
  • You are near retirement and need to make decisions which will impact your quality of life during retirement, such as which pension option to choose.
  • You are retired and want to maintain your current lifestyle, provide for adequate cash flow or protect future purchasing power.