Investment Planning

"The money we manage is not our money – it's our clients' past and their future. We take that responsibility very seriously."

— Eduardo Repetto, Dimensional Funds co-CEO & CIO


At Financial Plans & Strategies, our focus is on providing excellent individualized service to enable our clients to meet their financial goals. Therefore, a successful financial plan is not limited to considering investment returns. Instead, we believe a successful investment experience is not achieved unless we enable our clients to reach their goals. To accomplish this outcome-based approach, we go beyond offering just investment management and instead develop a comprehensive, individualized financial plan for each of our clients.

Retirement and higher education are not the only major financial decisions in an investor's life. Many short term investments – such as holding or reinvesting stock options, gifting to charities or family, down payment on a house or funding weddings – require thoughtful financial planning. But no matter what you are saving for, there are three primary investment decisions that you as an investor can make: 

1. How are my assets allocated between stocks, bonds and cash?

2. What are the specific investments I should own within each asset class? 

3. When should I buy and/or when should I sell?

Many investors spend most of their time on the second and third decisions, analyzing which specific investments to buy or when to time their purchases and sales. Yet, it has been proven that the first decision – asset allocation through the appropriate mix of stocks, bonds and cash – is by far the most important factor in determining the variation of your investment return. The allocation of investment dollars far outweighs the potential effects of security selection and market timing. 

At Financial Plans & Strategies, we can help our clients with all three of the investment decisions an investor can make. The financial plans that we create are grounded in economic theory that is backed by decades of empirical research. This allows us to provide our clients solid advice on the best asset allocation strategy to grow your investments. This growth is enhanced by our dynamic asset allocation program.

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