Estate Planning

"The money we manage is not our money – it's our clients' past and their future. We take that responsibility very seriously."

— Eduardo Repetto, Dimensional Funds co-CEO & CIO

Many people avoid or delay discussing estate planning, and that can be a serious mistake. Good planning makes it more likely that your wishes are honored and can often reduce taxes, legal expenses and family conflict.

Estate planning should address not only death and other end-of-life issues, but also matters related to incapacity. With longer life expectancies, issues of morbidity and incapacity are increasingly important.

Financial Plans & Strategies can deal with complicated issues, but we prefer to provide simpler and less expensive solutions if those will meet your needs. To address both your financial and estate planning needs, Financial Plans & Strategies monitors all your assets for proper beneficiary designations and titling.

Michael J. Meiners, Attorney at Law was an affiliated firm of Financial Plans & Strategies operated by attorney Michael Meiners who focused on estate planning and the preparation of estate planning documents. Michael Meiners retired from his law practice on July 1, 2019, and now focuses his time on our financial planning practice. Financial Plans & Strategies, Inc.'s ("FP&S") has always been well-positioned to provide estate planning as part of our service to you by verifying that your financial and estate plans complement each other. We will continue to review your titling of assets, designation of beneficiaries, and choice of trustees, personal representatives and current or future powers of attorney during your annual review meeting.

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